We will arrange to transport your goods for you from a package to an entire truck, both in international and domestic transport.

During transport, we pay particular attention to reliability and adherence to transport deadlines. Thanks to many years’ experience, a professional team and a selection of reliable partners, we will offer you a comprehensive range of services.

  • Full truck load FTL (Full truck load) – using the capacity of the entire cargo space
  • LTL (Less than a truck load) loading – using only a partial load area
  • International collection service (regular international lines) –
  • specialisation for Spain, Portugal, …
  • Domestic distribution – consignment deliveries within the Czech Republic, consignment deliveries to companies and individuals, cash on delivery, confirmation of delivery notes
  • Express transport, specialised transport
  • Additional insurance for consignments beyond the scope of the CMR Convention, issuing of documents….